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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 19, 2011 12:35am-1:35am EST

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jimmy fallon coming up right [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center the national broadcasting company presents -- tonig's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by -- captionby vitac -- www.vitac.c ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hey, everybody! how are you? [ cheersnd applause ] i missed you, new york. i misseyou guys. lme [ rhythmic clapping ] hey, did you hear ts? [cattered cheers ] hey, did you hear this? the's talk that the band o-town y be doing a reunion. oh, man. [ cheers and applause ] i hope they play somef the old stuff. [aughter ] hey -- ♪ [ rhythmic clapping ] [ imites russian accent ] "i'm a good person." [ laughter ] did you hear about this? a 60-year-old trip club employee was fired for being too old. [ laughter ] oh, it was bad, you gs. i mean, whenever she came tohe stage, she wou ask the deejay to play the charleston. [ laughter ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers ] back when she started, the stripper poles we made of wood. [aughter ] in her time, peoplused to make it rain with war nds. [ laughter ] ♪ e deejay would be like, "shot shots, shots, shots. seriously, get your polio shot." [ laughter ] [ applause ] "you guys put your hands together for mildred." ♪ [ laughter ] anfinally -- i don't know any charleston dance how does it ? like that? ♪ ♪ ♪ 23 sca-doo ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ let me get to my bloomers ♪ and, finally, a new report fond that most students don'learn much in their first two years of college. yeah. when students heard that, they were le, "what are you talking about i built a bong out of a shoe." [ lauger ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show tonight. give it up f the roots, right there! ♪ [ cheers and plause ] ♪ [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: oh, what a great crowd. we've got such a fun show tonight. that's right. the one and only,ne of my all-time favorites, frontan of aerosmith and new judge on this season of "american il," steven tyler is here! [ cheers and applause ] rock ' roll legend.
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from "gossip gir" our buddy chace crawford is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] he's a stud. love him. and we got some great, great ne music from two door cinema club, yo guys. [ cheers and applause ] gonna be a go show. ladies and gentlem, if i can have your complete silence. it's me to take a look at the stoes making headlis today. and weight the good with the bad in a segment we call "pros an cons." here we g you guys! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: night's topic, "american idol," season ten. >> hit it! [ laughte ] what was his name? dj e-z rock? >> rob ba. >> jimmy: rob base. yeah, yeah. anyway -- hit it! >> jimmy: there you go. [ light laughter ] here we go. this is e "american idol season ten. everye is excited about that. tomorrow is the big premiere. people a freaking out.
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people areaiting in line here for some ason. [ aughter ] >> steve: you shouldell them. >> jimmy: yea i should tell them it's not here. but let's take a look at th "pros and cons" of "american idol" season ten. he we go. pro, this promises to be a eason filled with many highlights. con, escially in ryan seacrt's hair. [ laughter ] he's looking good. pro, for the first time in ten ars, viewers were able to submituditions online using myspac con, for the first time in ten years, people use myspace. [ laughter ] [ eers and applause ] i like mysce. y not? you sit around the hoe, tall glass of buttermilk on myspace. >> steve: i do on myspace, listening to charleston music. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ 23 sca-doo "turn up the radio, maud. i'm going to use myspace." [ aughter ] >> jimmy: "now, you put your bloomers on." >> steve"i forgot my pasord.
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wait a second." nod, nod, nod." >> jimmy: oh, mgosh. "ester387." [ laughter ] ♪ >> steve:maud!" jimmy: "oh, my gosh, i'm at earthlink. [ laughter ] i got to check out my geocities account." [ ughter ] >> steve: "hold on." ♪ >> jimmy: "let me crank up the computer. [ laughter ] there you go." >> ste: "it needs more fluid. it nds more fluid." [ cheers and alause ] >> jimmy: "it's a modet." steve: "oh, wait, i need a new cube. [ laughter ] i'm good." >> jimmy: here we go. pro, "idol" is tapingight next door to paula abdul's new show "live to dance." co paula keeps dropping by to see if she can borrow a cup of vicodin. [ laughter ] that's what nghbors do.
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that's what neigors are for. ♪ that's what neighbors are for ♪ cheap drugs. laughter ] pro, the judges promise to be kinder thisear. con, randy jackson will now whisper, "you're going to hollywood, dawg," while caressing the sll of a contestant's back. [ laughter ] that's nice of him. he's sweet dude. >> steve: th's a pro. >> jimmy: pro, the a minimum has been lowered to 15. co, the age maximum has been ineased to 96. [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: we'll be righback after these messages. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and plause ]
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>> jmy: "quiet, maud i'm sleeping!" twgiant headphones? [ laughter ] ♪ "go to rca, dawg." pro, j. lo wl be a big asset to the show. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] comon. rim shot ] [ cheers and applau ] ♪ [ rhythmic clapping ] very good. sorryeverybody. let me jusread the pro one more time. [ laughr ] pro, j. lo will be a g asset to the show. con, you know what was talking about. there y go. [ lahter and applaus] i knew it. i kneyou'd know what i was walking about. [ applause ]
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pro, it's chance for unknown singers to become widely-recognized stars. con, like last year's winner, what his face. [ laughter ] "you do not besmirch the name of --" >> steve: "what's at guys name? [ lghter ] snap open a slim jim!" [ aughter ] jimmy: it's norandy "macho man" savage. that's not who won last year. >> steve: are you sure? [ imitates randy save ] >> jimmy: "let me tell you something, mean jean. yeah." >> steve: are you sure he didn't win? >> jimmy: he was not theinner. >> steve: are you posite though? >> jimmy: i am t positive. [ laughter ] >> steve: room for doubt. jimmy: pro, y're going to hollywood! con, you're going back to arkansas! [ laughter ] and, finally -- pro, are you ready tmeet america's next pop music superstars? con, hell, no. bring on e crazies! that's all we want tsee! that's your "pros and cons," everybody. we'll be rht back with "karate pinata." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. welcome back, you guys. it's time to announce this week's "late nht hashtag." so, earlier today, i went on itter and i stard a hashtag called "#worst date." for example, i tweeted out "in college i took a girl back to my dorm and ma her play super mario kart unt she left." laughter ] i was not a good dar in college. that's sadly the true story. but i beat the game. [ laughter ] so this is where you guys come in. on twitter, tweet out somethg funny or embarrassing that ppened during yo worst date and be sure to inude the hashtag "#worst date." ll look at all of them and put on some of my favorites on the show tomorrow nht. so tune in, you might seeour tweet on the show. it will be fun [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you know, sometimes, a game comes along that challenges the way we think, ithatters our preconceived notioof what is real, it reminds us ofho we are, where we came from,hat we aspire to be. but until then,e're stuck with
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this next gam it's time for "kate pinata"! ♪ [ cheers and applause >> hi-ya! jimmy: this is "karate pina." the time-honored sport of kicng pinatas while blindfolded. behold, the fiesta ring. [ gong sounds [ applause ] i'm your sensei, jiy fallon. [ gong sounds ] [ laughter ] now, please welcome our three audience contestants. come oover, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the "karate nata" dojo. what is your name? where are you from? >> clemente. i'm fromtlantic city, new jersey.
12:52 am
>> jimmy: oh, good man. atlanc city, all right. clementevery good. >> i'm chrissie fromoronto, canada. >>immy: very good. welcome. all right. >> sho nuff, the sho nuff, the shogun of woodbridge. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sho nuff, sho nf, sho nuff, the shogun of woodbridge, i see. a you're holding a head or somhing there. awesome. [ laughter ] hey, here is how the game works. to your left, you'll see four confetti-filled pinatas. each of which bear a strikingly resemblance to four current celebrities right there is jesse tyler ferguson, jennifer love hewitt, chad michael murray and jonathan taylorhomas. [ laughter ] w, one at a time, you'll take ur place under the fiesta ri. wh play starts, the pinatas willlowly spin and you'll have 20 seconds to break as many as you can. whever breaks the most wins the and prize. higgins,ell them what it is. >> steve: well, jimmy, tonight's winner will be taking home $300 worth of old el paso to dinner kits. -- you're next dinner -- midnight snack with bad boys. tacos, check. season mix, chk. assortedauces, check, check. 150 pounds oground beef, no,
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that's on you, amigo. jimmy -- >> jimmy: thank youo much, steven p. higgins. at does "p" stanfor? >> parsable. >> jimmy: steven parsable higgins. and thank you, dwar. [ gong sounds ] [ laughter ] [ gong unds ] now, a few things before we start. firstyou can only break the pinatausing your kara kicks. you cannot use your hands and you cannot your body. also keep in mind, in the event of a tie, e audience will decide the winner based on kicking awesomeness. so it's ve important that your kicks arewesome. any questions before we bin? sho nuff? >>o questions. >> jimmy: all rig, here we go. contestant number one, you're up. go take your place a put on your blindfold once yoget in there. let'get the fiesta rg spinning. [ chee and applause ] let get it moving. very, very good. you have 20 seconds on the clock. on your mark, get set, kick
12:54 am
♪ [ cheers and plause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy:ime's up. time's up. -- take of your blind fold come back over here. come back overbuddy. well done. nice job. very good. you okay? you had a lot of rage in there. [ laughter ] okay, let's take a look at what you just did in slow motion. ♪ oh, look at that. oh! that was a nice kick there. [ laughter ] oh, yeah, you destroyed that dude. oh,his one came out of nowhere. bang! right up the side. very good job. very, very good.
12:55 am
nice kicking form. [ applau ] higgins, how many pinatas dihe break? >> steve: o! ♪ >> jimmy: well done. is that right? it looked like three to me. okay. two -- contestant number two, you are up. very, vergood. do you have, like, two blindfolds on? what do you got? >> no, just the two. >> jimmythat's a "smurf" hat, yeah. [ laughter ] just keewalking. don't worry about it. ♪ l la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma ma, ma, , ma, ma ♪ ♪ here go. remember, you nnot use your hands or your body. let's start the fiesta ring. 20 seconds on the clock. ready, set, kick! ♪ cheers and applause ]
12:56 am
[ gong sounds ] >> jimmy: very good. come on over. very, very good. come on over. come on and ke your blindfold off. don't walk with your blindfold on. come on over here. you do not ve a lot of rage. a very peaceful person. [ laughter ] very innocent,ery peaceful, almost hugged one with your foot. it was very nice. [ lghter ] i don't know if you want to see it, but here's what you did in slow motion. [ laughter ] ♪ yeah, missed right ere. that was a good one. the close --ou got it there. >> close. >> jimmy: yeah, you got close there. that one hit you. that o actually hit you. that doesn't count. [ laughter ] very nice, beautiful. very, very god. great technique. higgins, how many pinatas did she break? >> steve: zero. [ sad tuba
12:57 am
>> jimmy: sorry, sorry. coestant number the, you're up. are you ready? >> it'showtime. >> jimmy: oh. [ laughter ] [ applause ] all right. now, look, something might h you right now. nojust kidding. [ laughter ] just joshing. just joshing. this iit. all of your training comes down to this s nuff, shogun. viualize the pinat breaking in your mind, all rht? let's start the fiesta rin moving. you got 2seconds on the clock. ready, s, kick! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's it! hdid it! he did it! did it! stop the fiesta ring in record time! [ cheers and applaus ] sho nuff, take your blinold f. well done. shouff, shogun showed up! very nice. let's take a look at that magic inlow motion, please. ♪ truly a master. oh! [ ches ]
12:58 am
you even punched m after you kicked him. further humiliaon of jonathan taylor thomas. oh, my gosh. you're a maniac. you're a maniac, maniac, maniac n the floor and you're dancing like you never have before. hiins, how many pitas did he break? [ od block sounds ] >> steve: three! ♪ [ cheers and plause ] >> jimmy: we have a winner. coestant number three, right there! ♪ [ cheersnd applause ] congratutions. here are your tacos. good lucgetting on the subway with tho. of course, no one goes empty-handed here. you guys will be taking me these official "late nightith jimmy fallon" black belts. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much, dwar. [ gong sounds ] thank you to everyone for playing "karate pinata." stick around. we'll be right back with steven tyler! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ lightning fast. lightning strong.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybod our first guest this eveni is rock and roll hall of famer. you know him as the front-man for aerosth, the best-selng american rock band of all me. alongsi jennifer lopez, he's partf the reboot ofamerican idol," which premieres it's tenth season on fox tomorrow night, starting at 8:00 p.m. please wcome a rock and roll legend, steven tyler! ♪ [heers and applause ] >> jimmy: nice! >> nice. nice, nice, nice. >> jimmy: thank you for being here. >> i'm going to set up a curtain up like that in my kitchen. >> jimmy: ah, yeah. >> so when i wake upn the morning, i can come out and you can announce it.
1:03 am
jimmy: i'll just record one for you, yeah. >> i got to get used to this. i'm not so used to this. jimmy: no, i mean, how is the schedule? is it driving you nuts? because it's totally different than the rock 'n' roll life. way, way, way, way different. >> jimmy: what te do you wake up in the mornin >> how about 6:00 for starters. >> jimmy: no. >> 6:00, 6:30 -- >> jimmy: when was the last time steven tyler has ever woke up at 6:00 inhe morning? [ laughter ] that's whenou go to bed. >> the usual ro 'n' roll dillio is up at 10:00, at the gym by 11:00 or 12:00, have a little lunch, a then you're on plane, and you fly to the gig. you get there at 4:00, you do the meet and greet and the press release and all of that sff. and then you're on stage a 9:15, you're off at 11:15, you're on the plane, you get ck to the hotel by 2:00 in the morning, if you're lucky. so this is up and 6:00, then 7:30, 8:30, you know, 100, i'm on i'm on the set. i got to get up three hours efore at least. i got to find my personality. i need that cup of coffee. >> jimmy: you got to have,ike, eight cups of coffee to be you. >> at least, at least. jimmy: "this sounded pretty od." "that's steven tyler's voi?" [ aughter ] but speang of how great your voices, the kennedy center honors -- you just did an unbelievable melody for sir paul mccartney.
1:04 am
[ cheers and applause ] did you see th? >> you all saw that, hu >> mmy: that was ablutely amazing. >> you know, the kennedy honors -- well, i w honored more. you know, to get a pho call and -- "do you want to the last four songs of 'abbey roa?" "let me think about it. okay." >> jimmy: i mean, that is just unbelievable. what are e -- "she came into the bathrm window" -- >> yeah, and then "golden slumbers." >> jimmy: "goldeslumbers." >> and that's where choked up. >> jimmy: oh, reay? >>i really choked up. and i lean back and i went, "yeah!" justlow it out. >> jimmy: just toget it out. >> and then, you ow -- i had, you know, 100-pie orchestra behind me. and -- i mean, it was phenomenal. never mind looking up at, you know, the president and mrspresident and oprah and mee haggard and ul mccartney. and, i mean, yoknow, just -- one of the highlights of my life. you know, i'such a giant fan. i used to have a jean jacket, a
1:05 am
half a mustache when i was high school and i had the ba pah -- the back -- i had a jeajacket whole patch of "permanent vacation" album cover. >> nice, nice, nice. >> jim: i was a badass. >> great alb, that was our comeback album. >> jimmy: it was phenomenal. >> that s it. that was it right there. >> jimmy: that was just insane. but no here you are. first of all, yohave a book coming out as well. but it's not out yet? >> it's not ouyet. >> jimmy: i love the titlef this. what is thtitle? >> "does the noise in my head ther you?" can you relate to that? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "does the noe in my head bother you?" yeah. >> how many yearsid you do "saturday night live"? > jimmy: yeah. >> you know what i'm saying? >> jimmy: exactly. yeah, yeah, completely. you want to get crazy? 'll play crazy. >> and, you kw, being in a band for 40 years like this -- >> jimmy: you've got some stories. >> oh, man. >> jimmy: i can't wait. did you read keith richards' book? >> just pieces of it, and then you sent me the dvd and i watched them here. he did s in this chair, right here,y man. >> jimmy: now you sat the chair. ts is fantastic. i'm happy that you're here. let's talk about this reboot o "american idol." >>eah. >> jimmy: i'm very excitedbout is. a lot of things are differt. the vibe now is more -- you're going for the singers now. there'so, like, instruments you got tch, right? people who can't py or -- >> well, you know, they started out singing by themselves -- jimmy: yeah. >> and then we did hollywood
1:06 am
week and they started aying instruments and singing along, then we did beatle week in las vegas at the love theater. >> jmy: really? >> used all of the set and a band behind them, they were in a nice, feathered nest and sound. >jimmy: so, it's different themes to each show? >> yeah, that's the difference this year. >> jimmy: is is good. and how is randy jackson? how is my dawg? >> out of his min he'great. he's beautiful. >> jimmy: he's the best. >> you know, i met him for lunch, u know, three months go, just trying to decide what was going on with this, while we're listening to see j. lo was happening. and after five minutes, i just realized that we were born, you know, joined at the hip. >> jimmy: u've got good rapport with h? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i'm very excited to see this. >> he's been places that i've been. >> jimmy: y, we can relate to that. >> and not many have. he survived. >> jimmy: is this true, theyut a five-second delay on for y? because you're there? >> [ bleep no! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you guys, we'll be right back wh more
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your esta. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody. welcome back. we are here with the one and only steven tyle talking about aerosmith and al
1:12 am
"american idol," which premiers a brand new season tomorrow ght at 8:00 p.m. i just -- m just so psyched that you arhere. i'm honored to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] really. i'm a huge fan. i remember when got my back patch and just around and get my butt kicked in high school. i remember "walk this way" with run dmc. i mean, that is something that had never been don a collaboration with rap d rock. i remembewatching the vid with run dmc, and then you punched the walls with the mic stand and i go, "this is the most insely awesome thing." i cranked up. [ cheers and applause ] i want mmtv. >> blame it on rick rubinman. he -- >> jimm is that right? >> he loved aerosmith and he ha those guys, you know, and the beastie boys and all that. >> jimmy: ye, rick rubin is awesome. >> they were scratching to that obviously. >> jimmy: jam master jay? >> yeah, yeah. they asked joend i to come in, joe brought higuitar, thank god. [ singing guitar rt ] >> jimmy: can you give us a -- can you give a taste now? [ chee and applause ]
1:13 am
>> i don't ow, man. i've done it so many tim. >> jimmy: come on. >> how about may if i don't sing it and i plathe drums? >> jimmy: how aboutf you do both? please? all right. >> jimmy: steven tyler! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ backstroklover always hidin' 'neath the covers till i talked to your daddy, he sa♪ ♪ he said you ain'seen nothin' till you're down on a mfin then you're sure to ♪ ♪ be a-changin' your ways i met a cheerleader was a real young bleeder oh, the times i ♪ ♪ could reminisce 'causthe best things of lovin' wither sister and her cousin ♪
1:14 am
♪ only started wh a little kiss le this ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ssaw swingin' with the boys in e school and your feet flyin up in the air ♪ ♪ingin' hey diddle diddle with your kitty in he middle of thewing ♪ ♪ like you didn't care so took a big chance at the high school dance with a missy who ♪ ♪as ready to play wasn't me she was foolin' 'cause s knew what ♪ ♪ she was doin' wh she told me to walk this way ♪ ♪ she told me to walk this way talk this way walk ts way ♪ ♪ talk this way she told me to walk this way talk this way ♪ ♪ walk this way talk this w just gimme a kiss ♪ ♪ >> yeah. >> tn it up. ♪ ♪ schoolgirl sweetie with
1:15 am
a classy kinda sassy little skirt's climbin' waup the knee ♪ ♪ there washree young ladies in the school gym locker when i noticed they ♪ ♪ was lookin' at me i was a high school los never made it with a lady till the boys told ♪ ♪ me somethin' missed then my next door neighr with a daughter had a favor so i ge her just ♪ ♪ a little ss like this ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> come on y'all. ♪ >> yeah. >> there it is. ♪ ♪ seesaw swinn' with the boys in the schoo and your feet flyin up in the air ♪ ♪ singin' hey ddle diddle with your kitty in the middle of the swing ♪ ♪ like you didn't care so i ok a big chance at the high scol dance with a missy who ♪ ♪ w ready to play wasn't me she was foolin' 'cause she knew what ♪ ♪ she was doin' whenhe told me how to walk this way♪ ♪ she told me to walk this wa talk this way ♪ ♪ she told me to walk this way talkhis way she told me to ♪ ♪ walk this way talkhis way she told me to ♪
1:16 am
♪walk this way talk this way ♪ just give me a ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: yeah! the legenda steven tyler riht there! [ cheersnd applause ] we will be right back with more late night, steven tyler, once again! standing ovation thank you, buddy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] this is the evo 4g. this is android. which powerthe evo. this is something nice someone said about the o. so is this.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that was fun. welcome back, everybo. our next guest stars as nate archibald onhe hit show, "gossip girl." which isack with all new episodes, nt monday, january 2h at 9:00 p.m. on the cw. plese welcome back to the show, our pal, chace cwford. ♪ [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: my man. how aryou, buddy? >> i'm dng well. how are you doing, jimmy?
1:22 am
>> jmy: everything's good. thanks r coming backo the show. >> yes. >> jimmy: did you just flin today or last night? >> i flew in two nights ago, actually. >> jimmy: from los angeles? >> from los angeles, yes. ani thought i'd brg the beautiful weather back wh me. it's nice -- >> jimmy: thank you so much. >> what are you talkinabout? >> jimmy: that's so nice of you. >> you're welcome. >> jimmy: did you gto any of the golden globe paies? i was out there. >> yeah -- >> jimmy: you didn't call me. [ laughter ] >> i didn't -- i was nervous, actually. i didn't kw how to text -- >> jimmy: thanks a l. >> i went to a couple, yeah, as out there forork, mainly. but went to one n -- the cw party, friday night, the soho house. it was very nice >> jimmy: yeah, it was a big part >> yeah it was, it was. jimmy: all theig stars were there. i read about that. >> they were. [ light laughter ] and the one i was most excited -- >> jimmy: wasn'invited to that one. laughter ] they kept me out othat one. >> tried to get you in. i dot know, were where you? >> i went to the party in the basement. [ lahter ] it was us and just an "xx kinect." [ laught ] itas fun, had a good time. >> youe on the jacuzzi level with the -- it was nice. >> jimmy: by myself,eah. the thrown off cast memberfrom "jersey shore," just all togeth. [ laughter ] "yes i met angelina, she's grea"
1:23 am
[ laughter ] >> t situation was there. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i love that dude. >> he's great >> jimmy: he is phenomenal, do you hg out with the situation or a of those guys? >> never, never. [ laughter ] >> jim: you said that almost too fast. >> never, never. i would like to, b never, never. >> jmy: no, no, no. i sat -- you kw who i sat next to at the globes was leighton meester. >> oh okay, that's right. >> jimmy: you're co-star, she's super cute. love her. >> she is, she's beautiful. >> jimmy: in "coury strong," she was great. who else do you have -- blake was in "the town." amazi. >> she was in "the town," ye >> jmy: penn was in "easy a." >> gd movie. >> >> jimmy: yep. and you did twelve -- you hung out with 5cent. >> i did, yeah. my boy. >> jimmy: then you d a movie with jane fonda. >> yes, th's right. that's right, i did. >> jimmy: a legend. >> she is a legend. she's fantastic. she's wonderful. >> jimmy:hat's so cool, dyou feel like -- >> force of nature. >> jimm do you feel -- e is a force of nature. she looked great at the globes too. yes. >> jimmy: do you feel ke, you miss them when you see them on the screen? you're like, hey, that's my buddy? >>hat are you guysoing? >> jimmy: you're leavinghe team man. >> i feel like we grew up together. i feelike we went to elementary schl, and high
1:24 am
school, and colleg backo high school, then graduate sool. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: jt kind of floati around -- we're l good friends and everything but like, you know, it's tough, jimmy -- when i' starting to go after the same roles as like blake and layton and i'm like, "oh, you know i'm gna play this cool boston stre tough hooker in "the town" ani got this auditn." and next thing i know thers a knife in my back and blake's playing it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: u should start going after mormale roles. [ laughter ] >> i should. >> jmy: i mean that's -- >> i couldn't play the beauty pageant country singer in "country strong." >> jmy: you probably could. >> it'hard to like theas people when they do somethg like that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: unbelievable. their so -- soul crushers. it's tough. i love them. >> jimmy: i know, you're buddies. i was gog to ask if you ever get sr struck -- because there is funny story abouyou meeting a basketball play. that's pretty awesome. >> i do get star struck occasionally but for met's hletes, for the most part. i was in oklahoma city with my family over the holidays. hey, i like that.
1:25 am
[ laught ] and so i happened -- i was at the mall happening to be on christmas eve, you know, getting ahead of the christmas shopping before everyone got in there. [ lauger ] >>jimmy: on christmas eve you wee ahead of the ge. >> a couple of hours before >> jimmy: that's true. >> so i'm in the apple store with both of my uncles -- uncle jay and he's le, "hey, look who it is." i turn around, it's kevin durant. he plays for oklahoma city thunder. i had just gotten mball cap situated and everythg in there. and i'm like, "i don't know what to do, just went through this whole -year- old girl process," probably similar to what they go through -- i don't know. i'm like, "i nd a picture. i really need a picture." and so -- uncle jagoes over there and he's like, "hey, i got my" -- >> jimmy: y had uncle jay g over there? >> unc jay go. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what aimp. i n't believe you didn't get tht hooker role in "the town." you could have done that. you should have got that >> i should have got that role so he goes over there -- >> jimmy: yosend poor uncle jay over. >> i sent poor uncle jay over, and he's of course like, "my
1:26 am
nephew, is on this little show calle'gossip girl,' he likes you a lot, cane get a picture?" and he's li, "oh, yeah, yeah, i know 'goip girl.'" [ laughter ] so i come over and i sp the photo with him. it was a great photo. >> mmy: are you 2'9"? [ laughter >> my feet are cut f. i'm 6 foot -- look at my fa though, i'm so excited. >> jimmy: you're so happy. >> i'm like, "hey, i like basketball players." >> jimmy: thas awesome dude. it's cool you still get excited about that stuff. weove having you here. congrats "gossip girl's" new season. [ chee and applause ] come back whener you want. "gossip girl" is back with all new episodes, next monday 9:00 p.m. on the cw. chace crawrd, everybody. [ cheers and appuse ] two door cinema club, performs next. come on back, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ female announcer ] most women in america
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